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About Us

Building on the popularity of InsideSchools, the go-to website for independent school reviews and insights about the NYC education scene, InsideSchools+ is designed to help the families of NYC find ongoing support as they navigate the school system, and raise their children to be the best human beings they can.

Why You Should Join

NYC schools can be totally overwhelming. Facebook Groups can be too heated and unhelpful. Companies try to sell parents overpriced products and services. Not here. On InsideSchools+, families will find exclusive content written by NYC education experts, interest groups, and online courses. All in a civil and diverse community that reflects the best of NYC.

What It Costs

InsideSchools+ is free to join. Free to engage in interest groups. What's more, many of our online classes are free as well. We also make complimentary versions of fee-based classes available to families in need. 

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